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Wear-reducing polyurethane

Your alternative mixing tools: lightweight and durable – Hawiflex®

Hawiflex® polyurethane boosts concrete industry efficiency by cutting cleaning time, extending equipment lifespan, and offering durable, impact-resistant solutions. Its compatibility with most mixers and cost-effective anti-wear benefits make it a vital asset for operations for all kind of concrete.

Hawiflex quick cleaning and easy replace
Hawiflex extended mixing tools lifetime_


“Hawiflex is brilliant, it’s very elastic and that bit of ‘give’ has made a huge difference. The blades last so much longer, making my life a lot easier. It also saves the batcher a lot of time during daily clean down as the mixer is cleaner. We spend less time working on the mixer so we can keep producing and give better service to our customers.” Maintenance fitter

“Concrete used to really stick in the chute. It was very difficult to remove as it was hard to get at. I had to spend hours every week keeping on top of it. Since we fitted ConeFlex there is no build up at all as concrete doesn’t stick to it. It has made my job a lot easier. I can load trucks faster and we haven't lost any production while clearing blockages.” Maintenance Manager

"Replacing heavy steel liners at the top of the plant was a difficult awkward job. Risk assessments highlighted it as a high risk task. The Hawiflex liner was light, flexible and easy to fit in place. I don't think it will ever wear out."  Area Maintenance Engineer

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