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Solution for powder handling and much more

Solution for powder handling and granules

MC² Srl provides components and spare parts for equipment typically used in production facilities that handle powders and granules. Our expertise lies in powder mixing technology, including ploughshare, ribbon, and paddle mixers. Additionally, we offer components and spare parts for screw conveyors, micro-batch feeders, filters, valves, rotary valves, bag splitters, big-bag unloaders, and other related equipment.

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Case study horizontal mixers.jpg

Case study

KB Batch Mixers MC2.jpg

KB Batch Mixers

KC Continuous Mixers MC2.jpg

KC Continuous Mixers

RB Ribbon Blenders MC2.jpg

RB Ribbon Blenders

KBC Leavening agents MC2.jpg

KBC Mixers

Solution For Leavening Agents

KB Mixers Chemical Industry MC2.jpg

KBC Mixers For The Chemical Industry

KBC-KBT Mixers Dry food MC2.jpg

KBC/KBT Mixers For Dry Food Ingredients

RB & KB mixers Ice cream MC2.jpg

RB/KB Mixers for Ice Cream Processing

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