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Bourdin Industrial is a trusted manufacturer representative with 15+ years of experience, delivering high-quality products and exceptional service to our customers. With deep industry expertise and strong partnerships with top manufacturers, we provide tailored solutions using problem-solving capability and outside-the-box thinking. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to exceeding customer expectations and delivering unparalleled satisfaction.

When you choose Bourdin Industrial as your partner, you can trust that you will receive the highest level of professionalism, reliability, and expertise in the industry.

Put us to the test. 

  • Debinding system for PIM, MIM, CIM, AM - Solvent recovery

  • PU wear resistant parts

  • Mixing equipment

  • Precast concrete equipment

  • High-pressure cleaning solution

  • ABS/FRP Air to Air heat exchanger

  • Ventilation and air conditioning

  • Humidification cooling

  • Eco Friendly rust converting coating system

  • U-COAT 301 Insulating Coating

  • Mining consumable, crusher parts

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Cleaning systems for all applications

WALTER has been manufacturing economical and environmentally friendly cleaning systems for over 40 years. Our equipment not only meets individual customers demands but also conforms with international safety and environmental standards.Complete cleaning systems (stationary or mobile) as well as single components like e.g. pump units, tapping points and accessories for individual pressure cleaning, foam cleaning and disinfection.

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Discover your ace for extreme conditions!

The name HABERMANN stands for 80 years experience with the hydraulic transport of solids and is a major pioneering company for the development of mixer tools for concrete mixers.
With the introduction of the original brand Hawiflex® more than 50 years ago, HABERMANN established the brown mixing blades at numerous concrete plants in Germany, Europe and beyond Europe‘s borders. All parts have the label Original Hawiflex®. Our brand has often been copied in accordance with the misleading motto of „all browns are the same“.

Yet, we have been able to further extend our technological advantage and to strengthen our market-leading position. Hawiflex® products have been success fully used in ready-mixed concrete plants, precast concrete plants, in the production of concrete blocks, concrete pipe production and in the roof tile industry.
Habermann materials concentrates on the core business mixer spare parts and custom made wear resistant plastic parts.

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Technology for a good life

Avermann technology is known worldwide for excellent plant and mechanical engineering, outstanding workmanship, extreme longevity and simple and safe operation. In addition to a wide range of standardized solutions, we are known for the development of customized and industry-specific solutions that are adapted to the individual application in the smallest detail. Apart from, we continue to deliver innovations that meet the growing needs of business and society and bring real benefits and added value in their application. As a result, we always offer our customers state-of-the-art technology for optimum solidity and cost-effectiveness.

Avermann technology has been in use in a wide range of industries and fields for many years – on every possible scale. Our range extends from individual machines for mobile disposal through to comprehensive industrial-scale solutions. Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to develop industry-specific solutions in addition to our extensive standard range, which offer our customers real added value.

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Industrial Material Preparation Technology

EIRICH offers a comprehensive range of machines, plants and services related to the following processes:


Mixing technology - Granulating and pelletizing technology - Drying technology -

Grinding technology


Advanced technology solutions for industrial processes of material preparation within the following industries


Concrete – Dry mortar and plaster – Sand lime brick – Ceramics – Refractory – Glass Lead acid paste – Lithium-Ion batteries – Friction linings – Carbon paste Foundry Sand - – Metallurgy – Environmental technology – Fertilizer – Food products


Key milestones in the development of a wide variety of industries and applications are firmly linked to EIRICH mixing technology.
Depending on the particular field, the current range includes everything from individual machines with process peripherals to turnkey processing plants.

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Innovative Systems for Solvent Recovery, MIM/CIM/AM Debinding and Plastics Recovery

The engineer-operated German manufacturer LÖMI was established in 1991. Since then, it has been renowned for its high-quality and innovative process engineering systems for solvent and plastics recovery and for debinding components that are manufactured using metal/ceramic injection molding (MIM/CIM) and additive manufacturing (AM, industrial 3D print).

LÖMI systems are operated globally in the automotive industry, aerospace, chemical industry, plastics processing and recovery, optical industry, surface engineering, electronics industry, print industry, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Companies such as Siemens, Continental, Osram, Philips, Leica, Swatch Group, Swarovski and Unilever are amongst their customers.

LÖMI continuously develops new process engineering technology in cooperation with renowned partners from universities, research facilities and the industry. Its latest development, with Fraunhofer, is a unique new technology for a Circular Plastics Economy. It is capable of recovering not just one but all of the components of multi-layer plastic film waste (e. g. from food packaging) and of reprocessing them into the same quality as new materials.

Industrial Building
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Innovative Ventilation Technology

Hdt Anlagenbau is a German based manufacturer of Industrial ventilation and heat recovery systems founded in 1997.

Whether it is about moisture that occurs in many areas of industry, the aggressive exhaust air from manufacturing processes or waste heat from production, hdt Anlagenbau has the ventilation solution for your problem.

Hdt-Anlagenbau glass-fiber reinforced plastic sandwich panels or glass-fiber reinforced plastic pipe systems are suitable for almost all industrial areas

Our air-to-air heat exchangers enable a high degree of recovery and are also suitable for dusty air and many aggressive gases.

Eco Friendly rust converting coating system

The NRX™ system is a new class of coating that is chaning the industrial coating industry. It consists of a water base primer and top coat.
The NRX™ water based primer Nanoprime, eliminates the necessity for expensive and time consuming surface preparation such as sand blasting with a simple. low cost, low pressure powwer wash. nanoprime is designed to be applied on rusted damp or dry surfaces to cure and protect the substract.
Nanoprime forms the base of the coating system for a multitude of NRX™  top coating systems plus many of the high perfirmance top coats from various international suppliers.


Personnel Protection and Energy Retention

U-COAT 301 Insulating Coating is a complete mixture of various hollow silica and ceramic beads immersed in a highquality latex base with acrylic bindersAvenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go-to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

COAT 301 Insulating Coating provides an inexpensive alternative to high cost industrial insulation.


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